Friday, August 23, 2019

Deranged Leftists Threaten to Kill Moscow Mitch!

Mitch should have thought twice before becoming a Russian agent.

Nigger Obama Blames Trump for Mass Shootings

Why can't this stupid monkey fuck off back to Kenya?

Dayton, Ohio Shooter Was an Anti-Fascist and a Satanist

This is going to be a problem for the Jewish media narrative about White supremacist terrorism.

Daily Stormer Forced Off the Internet Over 8chan Fiasco

Everybody needs to start using Tor.

Another Mass Shooting in Dayton, Ohio – 10 Dead

Second big mass shooting in 24 hours!

Beto Uses El Paso Shooting to Promote His Presidential Campaign

Is this clown even above 0 percent in the polls?

El Paso Shooter Patrick Crusius’ Manifesto

The full manifesto that's circulating in text form.

Mass Shooting in El Paso Walmart – 20 Dead, 26 Wounded

There's an anti-Hispanic manifesto circulating on 8chan reportedly written by the shooter.

Lindsey Graham Accused of Being a Russian Agent

They are probably going to claim that all Republicans are Russian agents soon.

Kamala Harris got Wrecked by Tulsi Gabbard During Democrat Debate

Gabbard totally exposed Harris as a fraud.