Florida to Ban Sanctuary Cities

Some good news for a change?

Barr Congressional Hearings Have Been a Retarded Circus

What a dumpster fire this whole thing is.

Trump and Democrats Agree to Spend $2 Trillion on Infrastructure

What good is $2 trillion in infrastructure when our country is being invaded by unlimited numbers of goblin hordes?

Pentagon to Deploy 320 Soldiers to Babysit Migrant Invaders

This is what you get for $700 billion a year.

FBI Stops Hoax Terror Plot Against White Nationalist Rally

The only terror plots the FBI stops are ones they stage and hoax themselves.

Trump’s Attempts to Scare People With Socialism Isn’t Working

What type of bullshit re-election strategy is this?

Robert De Niro Solicits Money to Help Lying Fake News Journalists

The bad orange man called them liars, so now they need your money.

Google Crane Falls and Kills Four People in Seattle

It's the Jews fault that this happened.

Border Patrol Openly Releasing Orc Hordes in Tucson

America can't sustain this onslaught.

Trump Defends Charlottesville Comments

More empty rhetoric from the orange potato man.