Baltimore’s City Government Servers Brought Down by Ransomware

Cybersecurity is a big problem and it has gotten worse thanks to the retards in the federal government.

Senate Intelligence Committee Subpoenas Don Jr.

Enough with this fucking Russia hoax already.

Borrder Patrol to Open Second Tent Facility to House Invaders

There's almost no point to this now. They're just releasing them any way.

Fag Democrat Racially Harasses White Anti-Abortion Protesters

I hope this sick faggot catches GRIDS and dies.

NYT Publishes Trump’s Tax Returns From the 1980s

Who the fuck really gives a damn about this shit?

Feds Have Released 168,000 Invaders Into American Cities This Year

The invasion continues and the government does nothing.

Trump Threatens Harsh Measures on the Southern Border

Harsh measures means he'll send out some angry tweets in all CAPS.

Alabama Set to Pass Law to Jail Abortion Doctors

Abortion should be outlawed. It's a sick and disgusting practice.