Israel Says Assad Running Syria is Good for Israel

This is quite the remarkable reversal in rhetoric from the Zio-kikes.

Trump to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

I couldn't give a shit about this but the Moslems are sure mad!

Synagogue Firebombed in Sweden After Jerusalem Protest March

It's truly terrible to see anti-Semitism increasing around the world!

Feds Recommend Prison Time for Jew Michael Cohen

Is this Trump-Russia hoax story finally coming to an end?

Jew Adam Schiff Trolled by Russian Prank Callers

They promised naked Trump materials!

Jew Bernie Sanders Wants to Transform America

Destroy it with Jewish Communism is what he means.

Kike Chicago Mayor Blames Guns Not Niggers for City Violence

The Jew is getting political heat because niggers can't stop killing one in another in Chicago.

Israel Unveils Plans for a Racist Underground Border Wall

Israel should be building bridges, not walls!