Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Jewish Problem

Red Ice Banned From Jewish YouTube

The kikes are shutting it all down!

Jew Media Whines About Joke Trump Meme Video

These kikes have no sense of humor.

Jewish NYT Writes Op-Ed Crying About Trump’s Syria Withdrawal

No surprise to see the Jewish NYT freak out over the orange man not going all in on endless Jewish wars.

Dan Crenshaw is a Disgusting Whore for Jews and Israel

Fuck this asshole. He should move to Israel if he likes the kikes so much.

Jews Moving Into Spain After They’re Offered Citizenship

Asking Jews to come into your country is like asking for cancer to eat away at the insides of your body.

Bernie The Jew Might Be Close to Death

Not looking good for crazy Bernie.

Iran Says Destroying Israel an “Achievable Goal”

The Iranians have the right attitude at least.

Racist Israeli Jews Not Allowing Ethiopian Jews Aliyah

Israel is a country founded on racism and hate.

Jew ADL Identifies Bowlcut, OK Sign and Moon Man as Hate Symbols

These filthy yids just don't stop whining about shit do they?