Saturday, December 7, 2019
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Jewish Problem

Jewish 60 Minutes Falsely Portrays Jewish YouTube as Free Speech Site

Jews really hate free speech and want it all shut down.

Weirdo Masturbator Louis C.K. Fills Arena in Tel Aviv

Jews seem to appreciate weirdo masturbators like Louis C.K..

TruNews Banned From YouTube

The Jewish ADL demanded they get banned just a few days ago.

Jew ADL Demands Numerous Social Media Accounts Banned

Jews are an enemy of free political speech.

Jew Jared Kushner Now In Charge of Building the Wall

This Jew somehow manages to involve himself in everything.

Report Claims Epstein Mossad Madam to Come Out of Hiding

This seems doubtful. The old bitch is probably in Israel already.

TruNews Exposes How Jews are Orchestrating Trump Impeachment

Wow, looks like some boomers finally noticed we have a real problem with these Jews.

Jew Sacha Baron Cohen is Not Happy With Jew-Run Facebook

This Jew wants Jewish social media companies to get even more aggressive with speech censorship.