Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Jewish Problem

All Sorts of Weird Shit Was in the Jew Epstein’s House

Jews are demonic and sick creatures.

Jeff Epstein Committed Suicide According to Official Autopsy

Yeah, and if you question this conclusion you are an insane conspiracy theorist.

Cernovich: Suggesting Epstein Was Mossad is “Anti-Semitic”

Why the fuck is this asshole still on the Internet?

Epstein Autopsy Reveals Broken Bones in His Neck

Autopsy seems to suggest that he was strangled to death and did not hang himself.

Bibi Bans Omar and Tlaib from Israel

Just more nonsense surrounding Jews and Israel.

100 Tires Slashed in Orthodox Jew Community

The Jews will claim six million tires were slashed by tomorrow.

NYT: Trump a Conspiracy Theorist For Suggesting Epstein Was Murdered

Wow seriously? Fuck this retarded Jewish newspaper.

Jew Jeff Epstein Reportedly Found Dead in Jail Cell

Not exactly surprising to see this.

Jewess Patricia Arquette Attacks White People

These Jews just don't give it a rest.