Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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Subversive Kike Adam Schiff Says Trump is Going to Jail

The subversive rat faced kike terrorist Adam Schiff was on Face the Nation today rambling about how the President of the United States is...

Feds Recommend Prison Time for Jew Michael Cohen

Is this Trump-Russia hoax story finally coming to an end?

Jew ADL Gives Apple’s Fag CEO Award for Censoring Speech

Figures these kikes would give an award to a man who sucks dick.

Ugly Kike Mutant Pete Davidson Refuses to Kill Himself

He won't commit suicide despite popular demand from the Internet.

President Trump Wants Jew Michael Cohen to Get Full Jail Sentence

The Cohen debacle proves that Trump should begin a Jew removal operation.

Top CNN Kike Jeff Zucker Says He Wants to Enter Politics

Yeah, good luck with this one kike.

Brett Favre Exposes the Evil Kikes Who Bombed the USS Liberty

Brett Favre is a true hero of the Aryan race!

Insane CNN Kike Jeffrey Toobin Says Trump May Not Finish Term

This stupid Jew thinks Trump will be impeached because he thought about building a hotel in Moscow.