Sunday, February 17, 2019
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Jewish Problem

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Appears at Supreme Court

She's still alive I guess.

Mike Pence Accuses Iran of “Nazi-Like Anti-Semitism”

Mike Pence really likes sucking Jewish dick.

Mike Pence Says Iran Plotting to Holocaust Jews

And how would this be a bad thing Mr. Vice President?

LOL: Ilhan Omar Attacks Neocon Kike Elliott Abrams

The old Jew was none to happy about this.

Jew Jacob Wohl Condemns Ilhan Omar for Agreeing With Him

Even if you agree with a kike they will still try and destroy you.

Trump Attacks Ilhan Omar for Saying AIPAC Lobby Exists

The American government is completely run by Jews.

“Juden” Sprayed on Window of Jewish Bagel Shop in Paris

The Jewish bagel shop was called "Bagelstein" lol.

Moslem Congressperson Condemned for Attacking Israeli Lobbyists

I greatly detest this woman by I will give credit where credit is due.