Sunday, April 21, 2019
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Jewish Problem

Kike-Run Facebook Bans Moderate British Right-Wing Groups

If you don't fully agree with Jews, you will be banned from Facebook.

DC Synagogue Sued For Sexually Abusing Preschoolers

Looks like a case of Jew on Jew child sex abuse which is a unique part of Jewish culture.

Bolsonaro Attacked by Kikes for Saying Holocaust Could Be Forgiven

There's no reason for forgiveness since the Holocaust is a hoax and never happened.

Facebook Spent $20 Million For Jew CEO Zuckerberg’s Security

Facebook does so much good for the world they need $20 million to keep their kike CEO from being killed.

Alex Jones Defends Zionism, Kushner and Netanyahu

Alex Jones is big fat fraud and shill.

Israel Fails to Land Spacecraft on the Moon

Looks like a Jew space hoax.