The kike Chuck Schumer is on Twitter babbling nonsense about a diabolical plot surrounding a Russian developed app called FaceApp. He’s saying that FaceApp is part of a Russian conspiracy to obtain data on the American people.

You know what Chuck? You can fuck off with all this Russia bullshit.

Do you know what scares me more? The Jewish company of Facebook which has collected all sorts of data on the American people. Why aren’t you warning the American people of the security and privacy risks of uploading data to Facebook?

Oh that’s right, since it is a company run by Jews, you aren’t going to warn the American people of all the documented security and privacy problems with Facebook. You are instead going to make a mountain out of a mole hill about FaceApp to push your retarded Russia conspiracy narratives.

I certainly wouldn’t encourage people to use this FaceApp thing, but Schumer is whining hysterically about this simply to attack Russia. It’s total bullshit. This kike doesn’t give a flying fuck about the privacy and security of the American people. He only cares what is in the best interest of the evil Jewish race.