Saturday, March 28, 2020

Minister Demands Israel Stay Jewish Even at Expense of Human Rights

This kike bitch gives no fucks about your human rights!

Facebook Says All Users Have Had Their Data Compromised

This is what happens when you trust your data to a company run by Jews.

Kike Rod Rosenstein Testifies in Front of Congress

This filthy kike is a liar who needs to be removed from office and jailed.

Jeremy Corbyn Attacked by Jews For Attending Black September Ceremony

He has refused to apologize to the filthy kikes!

Kikes Rage at Susan Collins for Support of Kavanaugh

The Jews don't handle losing well.

Israel Launches New Attacks Against Syria

The Jews are desperately trying to restart war in Syria.

Jews Remember The Holocaust Hoax of Six Zillion Today

Give it up Jews, people aren't believing this lie.

Israel: Netanyahu Indicted on Corruption Charges

The Jewish state might be moving to the political left because of this.