Sunday, February 17, 2019

Obnoxious Kike Gilbert Gottfried Admits Jews Control the World

This is not a joke. Jews have immense power.

NATO Chief Says They Won’t Defend Israel if Iran Attacks

Israel doesn't have many friends around the world.

Israel Launches Another Round of Attacks in Gaza

The Jewish apartheid state will not stop until they kill every single non-Jew around them.

“Operation Freeze Peach” Causes Many Jewish Tears

A solid effort exposing speech censorship by evil Jews.

Infowars Cries About Anti-Semitism After Synagogue Shooting

Apparently false flag conspiracies and hoaxes don't exist when the Jews are involved.

Subversive Kike Adam Schiff Says Trump is Going to Jail

This Jew belongs in a concentration camp.

Mike Pence Says Iran Plotting to Holocaust Jews

And how would this be a bad thing Mr. Vice President?