Sunday, April 21, 2019

Paul Nehlen Exposes Racial Jews on (((Rebel Media))) Show

Paul Nehlen is quickly becoming a modern day version of Henry Ford.

Putin Says Jews Could Have Meddled in American Election

Jews are at the center of hoaxing this dumb Trump-Russia conspiracy theory.

Fat Kike Amy Schumer Hospitalized With Kidney Infection

It's divine punishment for her horrible movies.

Jew Mark Zuckerberg Lied to Congress About Data Collection

I honestly can't believe that the Jew who runs Facebook would lie to Congress.

CNN Airs Secret Trump-Cohen Tape

All this reveals is scummy behavior by a Jew.

Stephen Colbert Exposes Kike Family Behind Opioid Crisis

Yes, Jews are behind the opioid crisis just like pretty much everything else that's wrong with America.

Jews Blame Evil Orange Man Trump for Synagogue Shooting

Who else would be at fault besides the bad orange man in the White House?

Israel Claims Shooting Palestinians in the Legs is Show of Restraint

Only the kike race would have the hubris to say something so ridiculous.

Israel Opens Racially Segregated Road System

Apparently only Jews in Israel are allowed to implement policies of racial segregation.

Mike Pence Accuses Iran of “Nazi-Like Anti-Semitism”

Mike Pence really likes sucking Jewish dick.