Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Jew Max Kellerman Calls Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish Logo Racist

These Jews are completely out of their mind.

Israel Reportedly Has Homosexual Blackmail Material on Lindsey Graham

The report claims that the Jews have material proving that Graham likes sucking on another man's ding-dong.

Looks Like Elon Musk is Wise to the Jewish Problem

Wow, Elon Musk is more based than I thought!

Israeli Military Shoots Palestinian Teen with Hands Up

This gives new meaning to the phrase "hands up don't shoot."

Jews Cry About “Fake News Fake Bombs” Sign

If the bombs weren't fake, wouldn't have one blown up by now?

Jew ADL Gives Apple’s Fag CEO Award for Censoring Speech

Figures these kikes would give an award to a man who sucks dick.

Israel Launches Another Missile Attack Against Syria

The Synagogue of Satan strikes again.

Jew Jacob Wohl Condemns Ilhan Omar for Agreeing With Him

Even if you agree with a kike they will still try and destroy you.