Thursday, June 27, 2019

American Patriot Arthur Jones Destroys the Kikes on CNN!

This was an amazing performance by Jones.

Palestinian President Bashed for Stating Facts About Jews

It is a historical fact that Jews have been repeatedly removed from nations because of their disgusting behavior.

Jew Dyke Rachel Maddow Cries Fake Tears Over Beaner Babies

Nobody is buying this shit you evil kike!

Kike Ruth Ginsburg Vows to Kike the Goyim for Another Five Years

The bitch is 85. She'll probably drop dead soon any way.

Kike Rosenstein Says He’s Going to Resign but Doesn’t

The antics of this kike weasel is getting really old.

Jew Soros Partners With Mastercard to Aid Migrants

The evil Jew Darth Soros it at it again.

Yair Netanyahu Gets Temporarily Blocked from Facebook

Another case of Jews Jewing themselves.

Lawyer for Covington MAGA Teens Threatens to Sue Lying Kike Media

They should sue the kike media for every shekel they have!

Jew Bernie Sanders Officially Announces 2020 Presidential Run

The crazy Jew is giving it another shot.