Saturday, December 7, 2019

Santa-Costumed Palestinians Clash With Israeli Forces

These Jews really don't like Christmas!

Brazil: Bolsonaro’s Son Banned from WhatsApp by Facebook Jews

More Jewish interference in the democratic process.

Trump Attacks Evil Jew Nevada Senate Candidate “Wacky Jacky”

Trump is back to branding his political enemies.

Trump Praises Congressman Who Body Slammed Jew Journalist

Jew journalists deserve far worse than just a body slam.

Jew Nate Silver Says 86 Percent Chance Democrats Win House

He's up to his old kike tricks again!

US Blocks UN Call For Investigation Into Israeli Killings in Gaza

The United States should be condemning Israel. They are not a friend and the entire world hates these kikes.

Thousands Demand “Death to Israel” at Hezbollah Rally

These people are very unhappy with the Jews.

Israel’s Chief Rabbi Says Jews Obligated to End “Syrian Genocide”

What a demon. He says this as the Jews are actively involved in a genocide against the Palestinians.

Jews Whine About Rising Jew Hate in Germany

Jews have Jewed themselves!