Thursday, June 27, 2019

US Blocks UN Call For Investigation Into Israeli Killings in Gaza

The United States should be condemning Israel. They are not a friend and the entire world hates these kikes.

Jewess Loomer Disrupts Women’s March and Whines About Anti-Semitism

Loomer's brand now appears to be all about accusing the Jew-left of being the real anti-Semites.

Jews Claim Government Spying on Trump Campaign is a Conspiracy Theory

So says the same Jews who promoted the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory for two years.

Jews are Behind the YouTube #VoxAdpocalypse

Who else would be responsible other than the Jews?

Jews are Trying to Steal the Florida Election

Jews only believe in democracy if they win.

Israel Opens Racially Segregated Road System

Apparently only Jews in Israel are allowed to implement policies of racial segregation.

Jew Reporter Uses 2014 Photo of Caged Migrant to Attack Trump

This lying Jewish bitch needs to be arrested and stuffed in a concentration camp.

“Juden” Sprayed on Window of Jewish Bagel Shop in Paris

The Jewish bagel shop was called "Bagelstein" lol.

Jewish Truck Seen Aiding Migrant Caravan Invaders

Yes, Jews are behind the caravan invasion.

CNN Airs Secret Trump-Cohen Tape

All this reveals is scummy behavior by a Jew.