Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Poland Says Israel Wants Monopoly on Holohoax

Fuck the Jews and their retarded hoax!

Jew Holohoaxers Protest Poland’s New Holohoax Law

The Jews are dumb to be blaming the Poles for their retarded hoax.

Russia Insider Praises the Alt-Right and Starts Naming the Jew

Another Alt-Media site has finally decided to start exposing these evil kikes!

Facebook’s “Fake News” Flag Made Stories More Believable

Facebook's recent attempt to socially engineer their users has failed.

Kike Feinstein Claims Kavanaugh Harassed Girl in High School!

The Jews and Communists in the Democrat Party are getting truly desperate.

ISIS Going to War With Hamas for Not Hating Jews Enough!

This is hilarious considering ISIS attacks everyone else but Jews and Israel.

Jewish Truck Seen Aiding Migrant Caravan Invaders

Yes, Jews are behind the caravan invasion.

Kike Judge Blocks Deportation of 1,400 Iraqi Criminals

This kike should be arrested and stuff in a camp.

Netanyahu Says Iran Like Nazis Share Ruthless Commitment to Murder Jews

This Jew should be arrested and tried for war crimes.

Former Chief Rabbi Warns of Threat to Jews in the UK

Cry me a river you filthy kike. Take a one way trip to Israel and don't come back.