Thursday, August 22, 2019

Israel Harassing Jews From America at Their Borders

Israel is losing support even among their fellow Jews.

Jeremy Corbyn Attacked by Jews For Attending Black September Ceremony

He has refused to apologize to the filthy kikes!

Kike Feinstein Had Chinese Spy On Her Staff for 20 Years

And kikes like Feinstein have the nerve to whine about conspiracy theories involving Trump and Russia.

Kike Chicago Mayor Blames Guns Not Niggers for City Violence

The Jew is getting political heat because niggers can't stop killing one in another in Chicago.

Senate Passes Bill to Give $38 Billion to Zionist Kikes of Israel

No more American taxpayer dollars should be used to fund this evil Zionist terror state.

Israel Says Assad Running Syria is Good for Israel

This is quite the remarkable reversal in rhetoric from the Zio-kikes.

The Jewish Press is Absolutely the Enemy of the People

Jim Acosta is an evil servant of the Jews.

Israeli Kikes Release Ahed Tamimi

This is a major public relations debacle that the kikes created for themselves.

Kike Ruth Ginsburg Vows to Kike the Goyim for Another Five Years

The bitch is 85. She'll probably drop dead soon any way.