Sunday, February 17, 2019

96-Year-Old German Man Jailed for Helping Gas 300,000 Jews

He was found guilty of gassing 300,000 Jews in fake shower rooms through his accounting work!

Kike Laura Loomer Exposes Jew Control of Media

So WTF is this kike up to now??

Neo-Con Kike Max Boot Jumps On “White Privilege” Bandwagon

This kike Max Boot deserves a boot right up his kike ass!

Jew Faggot Matt Drudge Uses “Xmas” Instead of “Christmas”

The dick sucking Jew won't say Christmas!

Santa-Costumed Palestinians Clash With Israeli Forces

These Jews really don't like Christmas!

Facebook’s “Fake News” Flag Made Stories More Believable

Facebook's recent attempt to socially engineer their users has failed.

Jew Al Franken Announces Resignation Date

He'll be officially gone at the start of next year.

Jews Whine About Rising Jew Hate in Germany

Jews have Jewed themselves!

Kike Ben Rhodes Wishes for Death of Ryan, McConnell and Pence

Ben Rhodes is exercising his kike privilege.