Sunday, April 21, 2019

Idiotic Anti-Gun Jew Sheriff Scott Israel’s 2012 Sex Drama Resurfaces

it's time for the Broward Coward to be removed from office.

Kike Feinstein Getting Kiked by Brown Spic Monkey

The kike is getting kiked by diversity!

Israelis Demanding Bibi Resign From Office

Protests against Bibi are getting bigger.

Kike Mona Charen Booed and Removed From CPAC After Attacking Trump

There is nothing conservative about Jews.

Israeli Video Bashing Poland’s Holohoax Law Gets 10,000 Dislikes

People are sick of these Jews whining about events that never happened.

Netanyahu’s Friend to Testify Against Him

Will Bibi start a big war to distract from his domestic problems?

Israel Warns it Could Attack Iran’s Empire

Another circus performance from Bibi.