Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Starbucks Kike Says Global Warming Threatens Coffee Quality

So global warming is to blame for Starbucks coffee tasting like liquid shit.

Israel Attacks Damascus International Airport

These evil Jews just don't know when to stop.

Trump Attacks Evil Jew Nevada Senate Candidate “Wacky Jacky”

Trump is back to branding his political enemies.

Netflix Jew PR Head Fired for Using the Nigger Word

He said the nigger word and offended employees.

Jew Tom Arnold Says He’s Going to Bring Down Trump

He posted a picture with Trump's former Jew lawyer Michael Cohen.

Evil Jew Charles Krauthammer is Dead

What joyous news this is!

Hungary’s Parliament Passes Anti-Soros Laws

Anything connected to the evil Jew George Soros should be illegal throughout the West.

Jew Dyke Rachel Maddow Cries Fake Tears Over Beaner Babies

Nobody is buying this shit you evil kike!

Jew Fraudster Albert Einstein Exposed for Hating Chinks

The kike Einstein held racist views while claiming that racism was a disease of White people.

Jew Terrorist Ben Shapiro Fumes Over Trump-Kim Summit

This scheming kike is angry that we might finally have peace with North Korea.