Saturday, December 15, 2018

Insane CNN Kike Jeffrey Toobin Says Trump May Not Finish Term

This stupid Jew thinks Trump will be impeached because he thought about building a hotel in Moscow.

Jewess Laura Loomer Protests Twitter for Hating on Jews

She handcuffed herself at Twitter's New York City HQ.

Trump Retweets Meme Accusing Jew Rosenstein of Treason

How much longer is this insane Russia hoax witch hunt going to continue?

Rand Paul Blocks $38 Billion Aid Package for Israel

It is insane for America to keep subsidizing Israel's war machine.

95-Year-Old Man Charged With Helping Gas 36,223 Jews

Can't wait to see all the evidence. Because we've yet to see any evidence proving that the Holocaust happened.

Jewess Laura Loomer Gets Gassed Off of Twitter

Good. This evil kike bitch doesn't give a single fuck about the First Amendment any way.

Israel Shoots AP Reporter in Gaza

Apparently only Israelis are allowed to shoot journalists and get away with it.

Is Jew-Run Facebook Starting to Crumble?

Things are not well inside the Jewish enterprise of Facebook.