Sunday, April 21, 2019

Jews Claim Government Spying on Trump Campaign is a Conspiracy Theory

So says the same Jews who promoted the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory for two years.

Bibi Pledges to Annex West Bank Settlements

Zionist Jewish supremacy at its finest.

Blurmf Speaks to Republican Jewish Coalition

Blurmf only has time for Jews and making Israel great again.

Ann Coulter Tweets About Jews and Their Golems

Is there any other mainstream pundit talking about the Jewish problem outside of her?

Kike Kushner Obtaining a Security Clearance is a Real Scandal

This is a real Trump scandal that the Democrats should but won't investigate.

EU Votes Against Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan Heights

Israel doesn't have many good friends outside of the United States.

President Kushner Working to Expand Legal Immigration

This is what happens when Jews subvert your nation.