Saturday, February 16, 2019

Jew Adam Schiff Announces Broad Investigation Into Trump

How about you investigate the Trump administration's connections to Israel you filthy kike.

Jews Claim it is a “Paradox” That Holocaust Survivors Lived Long Lives

It is not a paradox because the Holocaust never happened.

SPLC Kike Mark Potok Tracks America’s Declining White Population

I'm beginning to think that these Jews want us dead.

Starbucks Jew Howard Schultz Gets Heckled at Public Appearance

The Jew-left is really flipping out over this Jew!

Starbucks Jew Howard Schultz Ponders 2020 Presidential Run

The Starbucks Jew really wants to Jew America.

Jews Remember The Holocaust Hoax of Six Zillion Today

Give it up Jews, people aren't believing this lie.

Hezbollah Warns Israel Over Syria Attacks

The Jews are trying to create another war.

Neocon Kike Elliott Abrams to Bring Democracy to Venezuela

This kike is the worst of the worst.

White Male Bernie Sanders to Run for President in 2020

Why does Bernie think he has a chance? He's a White male!