Saturday, December 7, 2019

Kike Ben Shapiro Avoids Getting Groyped at Baylor University

The sneaky kike won't be able to avoid the groyper army forever.

Israel: Netanyahu Charged With Bribery and Other Crimes

This could be the beginning of the end for the Zionist war criminal.

Jews Admit that They Are at the Center of the Impeachment Hoax

Seems like some serious questions should be asked about this fact.

Only One in Four Europeans Hate the Filthy Kikes!

This is unfortunate. The number should at least be 3 out of 4 if not 4 out of 4.

Israel Attacks Syria Again

Israhell is causing trouble agian.

Zionist Dirtbag Mike Pompeo Says Israel Can Occupy the West Bank

This fat Zionist asshole serves Israel before all others.

Cyprus: Police Seize an Israeli Spy Van

Israel does espionage everywhere. It's why Jews need to be banned everywhere.

Israel-Gaza Conflict Heats Up Again

The Zionist Jews are stirring up trouble again.

Jew Jonah Goldberg Says Dumb Shit After Confronted by Groyper

Another fake conservative kike gets groyped.

Jew Michael Bloomberg to Run $100 Million in Anti-Trump Ads

There sure are lots of Jews opposed to the orange man.