Thursday, June 27, 2019

Israel Attacks Syrian Military Forces Again

Israel is a curse on the world.

NSA Fed Israel Intelligence for Targeted Assassinations

The NSA gives everything they collect to Israel.

Florida Governor Signs Bill Banning Criticism of Jews in Israel

Fuck you Ron you treasonous sucker of Jew cock!

Jewish Feminist Naomi Wolf Caught Lying About Fag Executions

Jews are the biggest source of fake news and disinformation in the world.

Germany: Jews Warned Against Wearing a Kippah in Public

Why can't these Jews just fuck off to Israel?

Fat Kike Jerrold Nadler Rushed to Hospital

Not looking so good you fat fuck.

Jews Whine After Al Jazeera Questions Fake Holocaust Statistics

Fuck all these Jewish lies about the six gazillion.

Facebook Bans Israeli Group That Interfered in Elections

Jews are well-known for interfering in foreign elections.