Saturday, December 7, 2019

Mike Cernovich Says Israel is too Popular to Question

The constant Israel First shilling from this clown is sickening

Sadistic Kike Ben Shapiro Speaks at Boston University

The fast talking Jewish kike is talking about slavery an industry run by his Jewish ancestors.

Jew Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was Out Sick Today

One step closer to hell for this evil kike bitch.

Jew Adam Schiff Begins Boring Public Impeachment Proceedings

Just a reminder that this whole thing is a dumb Jewish hoax.

White-Hating Jewish Kike Noel Ignatiev is Dead!

Rot in hell you piece of shit kike.

AIPAC Pins Tweet Bragging About Control Over Both Parties

Seems like the Israeli influence over the American government should be looked into.

Jewess Randi Zuckerberg Says Eating Bugs May Be New Trend

Kike bitch looks like a lizard just like her brother.

Jew Schiff Won’t Allow “Whistleblower” To Testify in Public

It doesn't get much more Jewish than this.