Thursday, June 27, 2019

Jew Comedian Loses His Shit After Someone Says Jews Run TV

Fucking kike thinks the truth is anti-Semitic.

Jew-Run Facebook Bans Several Italian Right-Wing Accounts

Italy needs to take strong action against this evil kike-run enterprise for interfering in their election.

Jew Holocaust Hoax Monument to Be Built Next to British Parliament

One day there will be a real Holocaust if this shit continues.

Jew Ben Shapiro Walks Off of BBC News Interview

This Jew Ben Shapiro is an intellectual lightweight.

Laura Loomer Says Her Life is Ruined Because of Social Media Bans

Serves her right. She conspired to get people banned off of Discord a few years ago.

100 CNN Employees Take Buyout as Mass Layoffs Rumored

The CNN Jews are having some real problems with their shilling of fake news.

John Bolton Sends Carrier Strike Group Towards Iran

The Jews want to get America to fight their enemy Iran.