Sunday, February 17, 2019

Hezbollah Warns Israel Over Syria Attacks

The Jews are trying to create another war.

Neocon Kike Elliott Abrams to Bring Democracy to Venezuela

This kike is the worst of the worst.

White Male Bernie Sanders to Run for President in 2020

Why does Bernie think he has a chance? He's a White male!

Half of Facebook’s Accounts Said to be Fakes or Duplicates

Facebook is an evil Jew-run enterprise.

Jew Michael Cohen Gets Subpoenaed by the Senate

This Jew is back in the news again.

Syria Threatens to Bomb Tel Aviv’s Airport

Seeing Tel Aviv's airport in flames would be a fine sight to behold.

Joe Rogan Destroyed by Internet for Agreeing With NYT Jewess

This was some serious Jew-shilling from Rogan.

Lawyer for Covington MAGA Teens Threatens to Sue Lying Kike Media

They should sue the kike media for every shekel they have!

Fox News Airs Graphic Suggesting That Ruth Bader Ginsburg Had Died

WTF is going on with this evil kike any way?

Israel Bombs “Iranians” in Syria

Zionist kikes up to more kikery.