Saturday, August 24, 2019

Evil Skank Taylor Swift Endorses Democrats

Contrary to popular belief, she was never an "Aryan Princess."

Grandpa Lampshade Harassed by FBI and Doxed by HuffPo

Not even niche pro-White podcasters like Grandpa Lampshade are safe from this evil Jewish system.

Emmy Awards Receive Lowest Ratings of All-Time

People have had it with all this Jewish anti-White bullshit.

KTLA News Man Died After Inserting Meth In His Anus During Gay Sex

Engaging in homosexual activity greatly increases the risk of death.

Fired Fake News Assholes Told to “Learn to Code” by /pol/

Hopefully this will cause some of these arrogant pieces of shit to kill themselves.

Dumb Skanks Trolled Into Spending $600 for $20 Shoes

Materialism is a big problem in America.

California Wildfires Burning Down Celebrity Homes

Divine retribution for the Jew degeneracy from Hollywood?

Swiss Skanks Go On Strike Demanding “Equality”

Fuck off bitches. You don't do equal work so you aren't entitled to equal pay.

Happy Martin Luther Coon Day!

I have a dream that we live in a country with no niggers!