A boomer-aged militia group has just detained a large group of 300 illegal aliens at gunpoint. While I support the effort, it is ultimately futile because after they turn them over to the Border Patrol, the illegal aliens are temporarily detained and released into the United States.


A video has emerged of armed right-wing militia members stopping over 300 migrants as they cross the Mexico border into the US state of New Mexico.

The group calls itself the United Constitutional Patriots, and are seen in the Facebook clip standing over migrants sitting on the desert ground.

The group’s actions have been condemned by civil liberties groups and New Mexico state officials.

The militia supports President Donald Trump’s plan for a border wall.

The incident comes amid a spike in border crossings, despite White House efforts to stem the influx.

Even though their efforts are almost pointless considering the circumstances, leftists including New Mexico’s bitch governor are whining about how this activity can’t be allowed. She’s actually claiming that they don’t have the authority to do this even though there is a literal emergency at the border.

One of New Mexico’s border counties is actually threatening to sue the governor if she doesn’t deploy the National Guard back to the border.

But this idea that they are not allowed to detain these illegal border crossers is simply incorrect. A citizen is allowed to temporarily detain somebody if they see them doing something illegal. Take for instance something like shoplifting. Stores have people responsible for loss prevention who do this sort of thing. And what these brown hordes are doing in crossing the border is committing an illegal act.

Just think about it, this skank governor is demanding that people not slow down the invasion of the country. How the hell did we get such insane and ridiculous people in positions of political authority? It is simply incomprehensible how this situation has been allowed to happen.

And where’s President Blarmf on this issue? This militia group is openly supportive of his plan to build a border wall and Blarmf hasn’t even posted a tweet supporting their cause. But that’s just par for the course with Blarmf. He hasn’t done a single substantive thing for his political supporters. He’s more preoccupied with helping Jews and Israel.