If I were French, I’d be pissed also. The government let in all these Moslems into the country who are killing people and destroying churches. They’re claiming that the Notre Dame Cathedral burned down because of an electrical short circuit despite the fact that no formal investigation has been done. There’s also evidence that arson was involved and we know that many Moslems and even some Jews are very happy about the building’s destruction.

And now rich people have donated billions of dollars that will be used to reconstruct the building that was probably burned to the ground by all the Moslems that were allowed in. All the while, the needs of the French people are not being addressed in any serious capacity. It’s a very crazy situation.

Fox News:

Yellow Vest protestors in Paris battled police during violent clashes Saturday — newly enraged at the more than billion dollars that have been pledged to rebuild fire-damaged Notre Dame Cathedral, overshadowing their anti-wealth cause.

Black-hooded demonstrators set fire to trash cans, scooters and a car and pelted police with rocks to draw attention anew to their 23rd weekend of protest.

Many protesters are frustrated that the international effort to help Notre Dame has drawn more attention than their five-month-old Yellow Vest movement against wealth inequality, The Associated Press reported.

Many protesters were deeply saddened by the fire at a national monument. But many are angry at the $1 billion in Notre Dame donations that poured in from tycoons while their own demands remain largely unmet and they struggle to make ends meet.

The French ZOG establishment exists to oppress the French people. They do not exist to serve the people. French President Emmanuel Macron is a puppet of Jews and he is serving in that capacity. That’s why you see him ordering police in Darth Vader outfits to gas and beat his own people on the streets who disagree with his policies.

They are forcing the French people to pay for their own replacement while the third world hordes that are being brought in are killing them and destroying their historical buildings. Even though we don’t know specifically what happened with Notre Dame, we do know that Moslems have been running around vandalizing churches. So why wouldn’t we assume that a Moslem was responsible for burning it down?

Macron and the rest of the traitors involved in advancing this insanity deserve to be executed via guillotine.