Any day that a member of the mainstream kike-run press dies should be considered a good day. It is especially a good day when a leftist dyke reporter from the kike-run operation of BuzzFeed is killed.

Two heroic teens in Northern Ireland have been arrested for shooting a fat dyke named Lyra McKee who has done work for BuzzFeed and The Atlantic. Anybody who writes for such awful Jewish publications are traitors to their people, should be tried for treason and executed on basic principle.

CBS News:

Police in Northern Ireland have arrested two teenagers in connection with the fatal shooting of journalist Lyra McKee. The men, aged 18 and 19, were detained Saturday under anti-terrorism legislation and taken to Belfast for questioning, the Police Service of Northern Ireland said.

The men have not been identified or charged. Police had said earlier there was one gunman who pulled the trigger who had been backed by an “organization,” and said they were searching for multiple suspects.

McKee, 29, was a rising star of investigative journalism. She was killed during rioting in the city of Londonderry Thursday night, probably by a stray bullet aimed at police. Police called it a “terrorist act” and said the New IRA dissident group was most likely responsible.

Just take a look at this fat dyke. It’s comical that she was being described as a “rising star” in journalism.

She did a TED talk where she rambled incoherently about how wonderful homosexuality is. It’s total rubbish, but in 2019, this cunt is what we have been told represents the apex of groundbreaking journalism.

They’re definitely going to use the death of the skank to advance Jewish political narratives much like how Heather Heyer’s death was used post-Charlottesville. But like Heyer’s death, no value was lost and society is better off now that this fat disgusting dyke bitch is dead. Good riddance.