Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was interviewed by Elle Reeve from VICE News recently. You might remember Elle from her coverage of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville last year. She played a fairly significant role in helping silence the Alt-Right on the Internet with bullshit propaganda on VICE News.

So with that said, it is only fitting that she would help Cook justify his pro-censorship agenda. This has been a big issue both because of big tech’s censorship of the Alt-Right and more recently Alex Jones.

Cook in the interview claims that there was no conspiracy to silence Jones from the Internet. Sure, it might be true that Cook didn’t get on a conference call with all the other big tech CEOs and talk about how they were going to ban Jones. But that’s not necessary for there to be a conspiracy.

Cook saw what all the other tech CEOs saw. The Jewish media was pushing for Jones to be banned and if they didn’t ban him, they would have been deluged with bad press. And when he saw that other sites and services were banning him he jumped on the bandwagon.

The conspiracy to silence anyone who goes against the overall Jewish narrative is real regardless of if this faggot Cook wants to admit it or not.