Lindsey Graham has been a changed man since John McCain died and took a journey to hell. While he might be wrong on many things, he’s 100 percent correct in his defense of Brett Kavanaugh.

Today he was being interviewed by the kike Jeff Goldberg who runs The Atlantic. He got booed by the audience because he said that Kavanaugh was treated like crap during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

Graham responded by saying “well boo yourself.” That’s right kikes, boo yourself. The American people saw a man being smeared over hoax claims that have proven to be total bullshit. That skank Christine Blasey-Ford is a liar and she should be investigated for making false statements.

The people who are opposing Kavanaugh are actually promoting this idea that people are guilty until proven innocent. It’s a completely insane concept.

What’s interesting is that Graham has said that Kavanaugh should be nominated again after the midterms if for some reason he doesn’t get confirmed. Hopefully this won’t be necessary but if Kavanaugh does not get the votes, this is absolutely what should happen.

The Kavanaugh nomination has become more than just filling a seat for the Supreme Court. A vote against Kavanaugh is no different than saying that people should be guilty until proven innocent. If this concept is allowed to stand, it is going to discourage lots of well qualified people from filling high level government positions. It’s also a terrible thing for this country moving forward.