Donald Trump came out and finally did what many Republicans and so-called “conservative” pundits have failed to do. He called out the skank Christine Blasey-Ford for her lies and was cheered loudly for doing so. He also called out some of the other skank hoaxers who have smeared Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh with ridiculous falsehoods.

All we have heard from the Republican side is how Ford was “credible” even though her claims that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her were total bullshit. She couldn’t remember the time or the place and none of the people she named could corroborate her story.

They’ve been afraid to call her out because they don’t want to be labeled a bad person for criticizing a so-called “sexual assault” survivor. That’s also why they had a female sex crimes prosecutor question her. They were afraid of all the bad coverage they’d get from the kike-run press if a group of White men asked her tough questions.

It’s good to see Trump call this bitch out. She’s a liar and she tried to ruin a man’s life for political purposes. She should be put in jail for providing false testimony and being a diabolical whore.

Here’s the full rally. He comes out at around the 34:16 mark.