Pew Research conducted a poll in which a large majority of Americans said they believed that social media companies have too much control over the news that people see.

They’re not wrong. Facebook has openly admitted to blocking links to the Daily Stormer which is one of the most honest and truthful news sources in existence today. And that’s just one of hundreds if not thousands of examples that could be cited.

82 percent also recognized that social media companies treat certain news organizations differently than others.

You can go through Pew’s Twitter feed and see other interesting data that they found in their poll.

Basically what these people are recognizing is that the Jews who run these social media companies are favoring organizations that push Jewish propaganda.

And this is all out in the open. A person like myself can’t even have a mainstream social media presence despite the fact that I report on and comment on news.

But what I do is no different than what the Jews at The New York Times or CNN do. The key difference is that they’re allowed to use social media and are promoted heavily by algorithms because they’re Jewish organizations whereas my website is blatantly anti-Jewish.