I originally found this clip posted over at the Daily Stormer. It’s a great video that I thought was worthy of a re-post. It shows a number of young people expressing their admiration for Brenton Tarrant.

It’s good to see this. It shows that we have been successful in creating a culture among the youth that is rejecting all this retarded politically correct bullshit.

The fact of the matter is that many people enjoyed seeing Tarrant slaughter all those Moslem invaders inside that Christchurch mosque. It’s why the Jews have frantically tried to stop the spread of the footage and his manifesto on all the big social media platforms. In New Zealand, they even went so far as to arrest a young man for possessing a copy of Tarrant’s GoPro footage.

The Jews have pushed all this racial diversity garbage so much that it is only natural to see the youth revolt against it. And these young people openly expressing their support of Tarrant is the ultimate manifestation of this revolt.