This past weekend there was a huge rally in London where people came together demanding the immediate release of Tommy Robinson. Things got a bit crazy.

Here’s some clips.

In case you aren’t familiar with the back story, Robinson helped found the English Defense League. Politically he’s pro-Israel but against the Islamic invasion of the UK. He’s also done some journalism work for the Jew-run Rebel Media.

Despite the fact that this guy is a very moderate political figure, he was arrested as he recorded a live stream outside of a courthouse where a bunch of Moslem rapists were being tried for crimes. He’s been behind bars ever since for being in contempt of court. How one can be in contempt of court for not even being inside a courtroom is incomprehensible. It’s all a bunch of trumped up nonsense. He’s basically being held as a political prisoner by the British government. The judge even ordered a media blackout on his arrest.

The whole situation has really made lots of people mad. All he was doing was warning people about the fact that there are lots of bad Moslems in the country who are raping and killing people. It was a grave political miscalculation to arrest Robinson. It’s only made people much more aware of the tyranny that exists in the UK.

It’s just too bad we didn’t see this type of reaction when the government cracked down on racial nationalists like National Action. That was the real test for free speech. But even still, this is a definite step in the right direction.