Peter Navarro who is Donald Trump’s adviser on trade policy lashed out at Canada’s leader Justin Trudeau after the G7 summit. He specifically said that there was a special place in hell for him.

This was a response to Trudeau’s ridiculous press conference where he acted all tough after Trump had just left for Singapore. It was underhanded and done in bad faith. Trudeau had his opportunity to be tough with Trump when Trump and he were in the same room together. He only chose to be tough after Trump was gone. It was a bitch move and it is good that he’s getting called out for it.

Trudeau can whine all he wants, but all he did was make himself look weak. Navarro’s tough talk was definitely in order. All Trudeau has to do is strike a fair trade deal. What is so hard about that? He’s going to have to accept a fair trade deal one way or another because he has zero leverage against Trump.

And lol at this gay tweet from Donald Tusk.