It’s a known fact that Alphabet the parent company of Google was in the tank for Hillary Clinton. Now Donald Trump is accusing Google of swinging millions of votes from him over to Hillary in 2016.

His tweet appears to be a reference to the work of a Jewish psychologist named Robert Epstein who recently testified in front of Congress. He told Ted Cruz that in 2016, Google could have swung anywhere from between 2.6 million to 10.4 million votes.

He was also on RT a few months back talking about how Google shifted millions of votes in 2018.

But we don’t need a Jewish psychologist to know that Google is involved in election meddling. We have evidence in spades that this is exactly what they’re doing.

An insider from Google just exposed all sorts of shady things they’ve been doing including how they implemented a website blacklist for their news feeds. And as I mentioned previously, this website was actually placed on their blacklist.

Google and all these big tech organizations are absolutely manipulating their algorithms and attempting to exercise total control over information. And when you have a small group of corporations controlling the flow of information, these corporations will by default be able to manipulate millions upon millions of votes.

This is why we need immediate and aggressive regulation of Google and these other large tech firms. They are natural monopolies and not serving the interests of the public.