One of the most important things Donald Trump has done is discredit the Jewish media entirely. His war on the media and their lies has been extremely valuable to our cause.

This weekend he called out Jew-run New York Times as an “evil propaganda machine.”

And that’s what it is, it is an evil propaganda machine. But it is an evil propaganda machine because it is run by Jews.

The kikes brought this on themselves largely because of how out of control they got with their lies. The Iraq weapons of mass destruction lie they pushed back in the 2000s was bad enough, but they really went out of control with their coverage of Trump and the Russia hoax. Not to mention their promotion of the Jeff Epstein suicide narrative.

So now there are many millions of people who don’t trust anything that the NYT or the rest of the Jew-run media says.

We just have to show these people that all these untrustworthy news operations are run by Jews. And then when people have an understanding of this fact, maybe we can start having a real conversation about the Jewish problem in America. Because the Jews are literally behind most every subversive and insane thing that’s going on in this country.