In Washington DC, a black man referred to as Noah-X who was reportedly a member of the Nation of Islam, has apparently rammed his car into police severely injuring one cop and killing another. He was also armed with a knife and may have attacked cops with the knife. This is the big news of the day.

Everybody is really sad about this incident.

I am honestly confused. I thought that police were all racist nigger-haters. So why are we mourning the death of this cop? Isn’t it good that this cop is dead? That means one less racist nigger-hater right?

Oh wait, the Nation of Islam has been critical of Jews and the guy who killed that cop was an anti-Semite according to the very honest Jews at the New York Times.

Interesting how that changes everything. If a black man kills a cop it is not good if the black man has an issue with Jews or might be perceived to have an issue with Jews.

Does anybody else see how nutty the media narrative is with cops? They’re virulently anti-cop when a White cop is perceived to use excessive force on a black man. But they’re very pro-cop if a cop dies serving the interests of the Jewish establishment against anybody who they think might oppose said Jewish establishment. That includes a black man or any other colored person.

Personally, I couldn’t give a shit that this cop is dead. He made the willful choice to earn a paycheck serving and protecting this evil system, so as far as I’m concerned he got what he deserved.