A USA Today reporter named Nathan Bomey was on Twitter whining about how he and other reporters fell for an April Fool’s joke from Volkswagen. Volkswagen said that they were going to change their name to “Voltswagen” but it wasn’t a real thing and was part of a marketing prank. Bomey and many others reported this as if it were fact.

Just look at these tweets. He’s very angry that Volkswagen deceived him.

The worst part about his tweets was him whining about misinformation flourishing because he was tricked by a prank marketing campaign. He says this at a time when his entire profession is filled with people who deliberately spread lies and misinformation. The coronavirus hysteria, the Russia hoax and many other stories are proof of the lies and deception that we see from the media. The amount of damage that people like him have caused the world is incalculable. It’s just never ending lies and lies by omission from these clowns.

The whole fiasco also shows how stupid, lazy and gullible many of these reporters are. They literally do zero due diligence on anything and are not competent people. They just took the word of what Volkswagen said without any further verification even though they were putting this out right around April Fool’s Day.

And look, I’m not saying that I’m perfect. I’ve made mistakes when covering news. But I’ve made far less mistakes and been far more accurate than people who are supposed to be professional reporters and I just do this part time. Their entire profession has become a joke.