An increasing number of corporations will be replacing human workers with robots and automated processes over the next several decades. MGM is looking at doing just this for their casino operations.

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Many corporations are embracing the latest robotic technology. Companies can make many processes more cost- and time-efficient by using robots and other types of technology.

In a lot of industries, robots can now be more efficient and productive than people. This sparks the debate about protecting these jobs for humans or to allow robots to make these processes more efficient.

MGM, one of the major global casino companies, is considering replacing some workers with robots, which will cause some concern for their employees and those in the industry as a whole.

The company has been looking into doing this at their MGM properties on the Las Vegas Strip as a way of cutting costs considerably. It is likely that the casino worker unions in Nevada will soon be up in arms about this issue.

Among those who could be replaced are cashiers and bartenders. Automatic technology that can make drinks would replace the bartenders and monetary transactions could be done through standard payment technology.

There would also be mobile payment processors going around the floor with the wait staff, eliminating the need for cashiers. There is no indication as to how many such jobs would be replaced at the MGM properties.

MGM is just one of many examples. Much of the fast food industry will be automated over the next several decades. Burger flipping robots are a reality and we are seeing more and more fast food operations setup kiosks allowing customers to order food on a touch screen. Self driving cars and trucks are also coming.

This means that jobs which previously could only be done by a human, will be replaced by robots, automated processes and/or artificial intelligence. These are societal changes that not enough people are talking about.

We also have the Democrat Party doing everything they can to flood our country with low IQ hordes from the third world claiming that they do jobs that Americans don’t want to do. Well, what is the argument for doing this when these jobs will be done by robots and other forms of technology? How are they going to justify such a policy stance?

I guess they’ll just say that we are horribly racist if we don’t continue allowing our countries to be flooded with third world filth. But it is becoming increasingly more obvious that we don’t need these people around us. All they do is cause problems. There is no specific benefit that they offer us. Especially if their labor will be made obsolete with technology.