Wow, WTF is going on here? The fat cow Meghan McCain was on “The View” and she started crying about Ilhan Omar’s comments on Israel. To review, Omar simply questioned why a pro-Israel group called AIPAC exists and has influence over the American political system. She also questioned how Jews can have dual loyalties between America and Israel. These are all fair questions and ones that we should be having a serious national discussion about.

But McCain going on national television to cry about it is probably one of the most insane and stupid things imaginable. Even the homosexual Jew Glenn Greenwald couldn’t comprehend what he was seeing.

The fact that this stupid fat bitch is given a platform on national television to cry about someone questioning America’s relationship with Israel is nuts. It is a reflection of the sick and deranged society we have.

McCain is not attractive, is not intelligent and offers nothing of substance to the mainstream political discourse. She’s only in this position as a shill for Jews because she’s the daughter of a Zionist traitor who sold his soul to Jews. If she was not his daughter, she’d probably be serving coffee at Starbucks or doing some other stupid shit.