Leftists are raging at Joe Biden for ordering military strikes on Syria before providing the American people economic relief.

Jimmy Dore put out a whole video on the subject.

Even Cenk Uygur who is a complete corporate shill is being critical.

This guy who was born in Syria is very upset that Biden bombed his country before sending out checks. He had some good commentary on the subject.

There’s many others on the political left saying similar things.

These are all valid criticisms. America’s economy is in total ruins because Democrat governors locked everything down over the flu, so it is absolutely insane to be focusing on starting new wars considering the economic situation.

What they are doing only makes sense when you understand that the Biden government is being run by the Jews around him. These Jews do not represent the interests of the American people and they don’t care what happens to America.

But the fact that Cenk Uygur of all people is criticizing them, shows that this Jewish Harris-Biden regime is really only representing the interests billionaires, corporations, wealthy Jews and Israel. That’s why they’ll bomb Syria before giving people $2,000 checks so they can eat.