Jesse Lee Peterson just had an Israeli Jew named Joe Basrawi on his show. Basrawi describes himself as an ambassador for Turning Point USA. Things did not go well for the Jew Basrawi.

Jesse Lee systematically mopped the floor with him. He confronted Basrawi on TPUSA’s political platform. Namely their positions on immigration and homosexuality.

Basrawi struggled to explain why it would be bad to have a zero immigration policy and babbled incoherently when Jesse Lee pressed him on why the conservative movement needs to embrace homosexuals.

The Jew even made a weird statement about how he doesn’t represent TPUSA even though he’s an ambassador for them. How that makes any sense is just another example of the nonsensical Jew babble he was spewing.

The performance was so bad that he backed out of a debate he was scheduled to have with Patrick Casey on Ethan Ralph’s Killstream.

TPUSA has a real credibility problem. The only people defending them are disreputable porn whores, homosexual plagiarists and retarded Israeli Jews like Joe Basrawi. This is not a good look for an allegedly “conservative” organization.