The G20 summit is going on and so far, little of significance has happened. It’s mostly been pointless bullshit meetings and photo opportunities.

Probably the most significant thing that’s happened so far was the signing ceremony for the USMCA trade deal. This is the new deal replacing NAFTA.

Other than that, the news reports have been mostly about crap that nobody cares about.

Things like French President Emmanuel Macron being shown on video speaking sternly with Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

Or MbS and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin making funny faces and laughing with one another.

And then there’s this goofy clip of Trump walking off the G20 stage leaving Argentina’s leader standing there by himself.

Jew-run CNN published a full story about the lack of female leaders in the G20 photo. As if this is even a subject worth commenting on.

Does anybody actually care about any of this shit? I know I certainly don’t.

Maybe something important will come out of Trump’s meeting with China but who knows. He’s not even meeting with Russia over the Ukraine boat hoax, so there definitely won’t be any developments there.

This whole summit seems like a big waste of time. The world is crumbling and we have all these world leaders getting together on a yearly basis to do this weird circle jerk where nothing substantive ever gets accomplished.