While France’s President Emmanuel Macron has been jerking himself off with world leaders at the G20 summit, the French people are in a major revolt against his government. This is the third straight week of massive civil unrest in France.

Here’s a live stream from RT.

And some other clips showing what’s been happening.

This all started with the so-called “Yellow Vest” protests which were staged to protest higher fuel prices. These higher prices were partially due to some carbon tax scheme Macron pushed. At first it seemed extremely goofy to protest something like this especially considering all the other problems in France, but it looks like this might be the spark leading to something much more significant. What’s happening now is clearly much bigger than some protests over fuel prices.

Macron doesn’t seem to understand how serious this is. The French people are extremely pissed off at him and the entire French establishment as a whole. If this continues, we could be witnessing a full fledged popular revolution against the government. Riot police have been deploying tear gas and rubber bullets against the people in Paris all day and they still don’t have control of the streets.

The only problem the people have right now is that they do not have singular leader. If a leader emerges and this type of thing continues, there is the chance that they could successfully force Macron out. Of course, having a leader is not necessarily a requirement for them to achieve their goals.

Hopefully the French people are successful in removing the entire government from power. They obviously do not represent the interests of the French people.

And one last thing, be sure to check out Démocratie Participative. It’s the best French language website covering the situation and anything France. It’s basically the French version of the Daily Stormer. Looks like they just had to get a new domain because of Jewish censorship.