Saturday, October 19, 2019

Germany Begins Enforcement Of New Online “Hate Speech” Law

Germany could be one of the most tyrannical governments on the planet.

Trump Condemns Pakistan Alongside Iran

Apparently lecturing Pakistan is now part of the MAGA agenda.

Iran’s President Comments on ZOG Engineered Protests

Iran responds to the Zionist aggression.

Trump Steps Up Support for Jewish Revolution in Iran

Trump's support of this is creating a very dangerous situation.

Iran Blames Foreign Agents for Unrest and Violence

The Jews are definitely behind this.

South Korea Seizing Oil Vessels Bound for North Korea

Economic sanctions like these are acts of war.

Iran Cuts Off Internet Access in Several Cities

Looks like things are escalating in Iran.

Trump Pushes For Overthrow of the Iranian Government

Overthrowing Iran's government puts Israel first, not America first.

Facebook Bans Chechen Leader

So apparently Facebook is operating as an arm of the United States government now.

Anti-Government Protests Spread In Iran

Looks like the Zionists are trying to stir up trouble in Iran.