Saturday, December 7, 2019

Prince Andrew Removed From Royal Duties Over Epstein Links

He's not Jewish so it is not a surprise to see him become a major fall guy for the Epstein debacle.

Prince Andrew Defends Kike Epstein and Talks About Pizza in Interview

It doesn't get much weirder than this.

Hong Kong Police Are Getting Shot at With Arrows

They're peaceful protesters who only want freedom and democracy though.

Civil Unrest in Bolivia as People Demand Return of Exiled Leader

Looks like the natives are mad that the CIA overthrew their nation's leader.

North Korea Says Joe Biden Should Be Beaten to Death With a Stick

Lots of people hate Joe Biden so this is probably an accurate quote.

Hong Kong: Rioters Shooting Flaming Arrows at Police

Strange behavior from "peaceful protesters" who only want "democracy."

Orange Man to Leave Around 500 Troops in Syria

This is bullshit. Bring them home for fuck sake.

Spain: Right-Wing Vox Party Makes Big Parliamentary Gains

Another step in the right direction for Spain.

Hong Kong Rioters Set Man on Fire for Opposing ZOG Democracy

If you don't support ZOG democracy and gay anal sex, the Hong Kong rioters will set you on fire.

Germany Tells America to Reject Nationalism

A retarded stance. Without nationalism you have no nation.