Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Macron Calls Meeting to Address Anti-Government Revolution

Macron is definitely in some serious political trouble.

Massive Civil Unrest in France is Continuing

These "Yellow Vest" protests have turned into a full out revolt against the French government.

Alleged Manafort Meeting with Assange a Total Hoax

Yet another fake news hoax.

One Third of Caravan Invaders Infected with Diseases

These invaders are bringing the plague!

Trump To Cancel Putin Meeting Over Ukrainian Boat Incursion?

It's doubtful that the meeting will get cancelled. He has to say this so he doesn't get accused of being a KGB agent.

Trump Attacks May’s Brexit Hoax Deal with EU

It's hard to see how this hoax Brexit deal gets approved.

Russia Opens Fire on Ukrainian Navy Ships

Looks like a provocative action against Russia.

Mexico Denies Deal Struck to Hold On to Caravan Shitholers

These shitholers must be stopped at all cost.

EU Agrees to Hoax Brexit Deal

The EU was more than happy to approve this shit deal.

French are in Full Revolt Against Macron’s Government

The French are not happy with the Jew-globalist policies of Emmanuel Macron.