Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Tommy Robinson Sentenced to Nine Months in Prison

He might be a Zionist shill but this prison sentence is absurd.

Veterans Say the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq Have Been a Waste

These wars were for the best interests of Israel and not America.

RT and Sputnik Banned from Media Freedom Conference

Wow, a media freedom conference that doesn't believe in media freedom.

Iran Apparently Failed to Seize a British Oil Tanker

The Iranians are denying the report.

Trump Vows to Further Increase Sanctions on Iran

Just how many more sanctions can they place against them? This antagonism is crazy.

Angela Merkel Seen in Public Shaking Again

Looks like she's not well. The grim reaper might be coming for her.

Zionist Shill Tommy Robinson Requests Asylum in the United States

Things aren't that much better over here in the US though.

Boris Johnson Poised to Become the New British Prime Minister

Johnson is a step up from May, but will he get Brexit done?