Sunday, April 21, 2019

May’s Latest Fake-Brexit Deal Rejected

What's happening with Brexit shows once again that democracy is a huge fraud.

Mexico Braces for “Mother of All Caravans”

More new Americans are coming.

Bolton Threatens Russia For Stopping Venezuela Coup

If this asshole likes war so much maybe we should send him to the front lines.

Blormf Blames Shithole Countries for His Failure to Stop Invasion

Yeah, it is the fault of shithole countries because you can't stop the invasion.

Blormf Meets With Google CEO and Confirms He’s Not a Chinese Agent

Sundar Pichai is "America First" all the way!

EU Just Banned Internet Memes with New Copyright Law

Another fantastic result of the system that is democracy.

New Caravan of 1,200 Orc Invaders Heading to America

They'll all request asylum and Blormf will let them into the country.

Dubai Celebrates New Zealand’s Prime Minister Wearing Hijab

Moslems are openly celebrating this treasonous bitch.

New Zealand Bans Brenton Tarrant’s Self Defense Manifesto

They're being told to destroy copies of it.

Huge Anti-Brexit March Takes Place in London

They're angling for a second Brexit vote.