Sunday, April 21, 2019

Canada to Reject Invaders With Asylum Claims in Other Countries

Even Canada is getting tougher on this shit.

MIGA Continues as Iranian Military Designated as Terrorists

Suck some more Jew cock why don't ya.

Greece: Invading Migrants Rush the Border

We need to start shooting these invaders dead.

UK: MPs Compel May to Beg EU for Brexit Delay

It only succeeded by one vote.

UK: All Four Brexit Alternatives Voted Down

Brexit has proven that democracy is a dumb Jew hoax.

Pope Francis Claims Builders of Walls Will be Imprisoned by Them

Then why the fuck does the Vatican have a big ass wall around it?

Britain First’s Jayda Fransen Convicted of Hate Speech

Saying mean things about Moslems is illegal in the UK.

Trump Cuts Foreign Aid to Shithole Central American Countries

Much more needs to be done than this.