Sunday, February 17, 2019

CNN Blames Russia for US Coup Attempt in Venezuela

The Jews want to blame Russia for everything. It's utterly insane.

Trump Pulls Out of Nuclear Weapons Treaty With Russia

Objectively speaking, nuclear war might be preferable to the current situation.

US Imposes Sanctions Against Venezuela

This is bullshit. We do not need to be involved in the internal affairs of Venezuela.

New Aztec Caravan Reportedly Swells to 12,000

That's a ton of vibrancy heading our way.

France: 11th Week of “Yellow Vest” Protests

And Macron has the nerve to claim that he is a man of the people.

Iran Holds Major Military Exercise

The Zionists definitely don't want to tangle with the full force of Iran's military.

Chaos in Venezuela after Failed Coup Attempt Against Maduro

The United States is recognizing an opposition leader as the nation's president now.

Record Number of Murders in Mexico

Murders keep rising in Mexico but we are told building a border wall would be immoral.