Saturday, December 15, 2018

South Africa to Seize White Farmland in March 2019

Dumb niggers won't have anything to eat if they do this.

Belgium “Yellow Vest” Protests Were Pretty Intense!

People are rising up against Jewish globalism.

France: Revolt Against Jew Puppet Macron Continues

This is a revolution against Jewish globalism.

France: 153 High School Students Arrested for Protesting Macron

This is not a good look for Macron and his corrupt government.

Huawei CFO Arrested as Trump Tries to Negotiate Chinese Trade Deal

There's no way Trump would have ordered this. Somebody wants to sabotage his trade negotiations with China.

Macron Faces No Confidence Vote As Approval Plummets

Only 18 percent approve of his job performance.

Macron Pushes to Shut Down Nuclear Power Plants

Macron is deliberately trying to increase the price of energy and is using the global warming hoax as an excuse.

Nigel Farage Steps Down from UKIP Over Tommy Robinson

Farage has done all sorts of questionable shit following the Brexit vote.

General Tells Congress: “Afghan War at a Stalemate”

Why the fuck are we still over there?