Thursday, June 27, 2019

Iran Speeds Up Uranium Enrichment

This will be used as another excuse to invade Iran on behalf of Israel.

Mass Protests Have Been Taking Place in Hong Kong

22 years later, the people of Hong Kong are in denial about being a part of China.

UK Sending Military Forces to the Persian Gulf

The chances of a war happening with Iran is becoming increasingly higher.

Video Showing Iran Sabotaging Oil Tanker is Fake as Fuck

This is one of the most fake and retarded things I've ever seen.

General Claims US Has Video of Iran Messing With Oil Tanker

Really? Well, why didn't Pompeo show this alleged video earlier in the day?

Iran Says Japanese Oil Tanker Incident is a False Flag Attack

The official US narrative blaming Iran for this is a totally retarded hoax.

Zionist Lunatic Mike Pompeo Blames Iran for Oil Tanker Attack

The Zionist neocon crazies are going to use this to demand we invade Iran.

Botswana Legalizes Gay Ass Sex

A major step backwards for this fine African nation.