Saturday, December 7, 2019

Orange Man to Classify Mexican Drug Cartels as Terrorist Groups

That's great, but what's the hold up?

More Proof of Syria Chemical Weapons Hoax Emerges

Tucker is the only one on cable news covering this story.

Tucker Carlson Said He’s Rooting for Russia in Ukraine Conflict

The kikes really did not like this.

Hong Kong: “Pro-Democracy” Candidates Win Election

The irony of this whole situation is that Hong Kong already has a democracy.

Cinemas Pull Gang-Themed Movie After Birmingham “Youth” Violence

When they mean "youths" they really mean niggers and other colorful vibrants.

Chinese CIA Agent “Betrays” America, Gives Information to China

Nobody could have ever predicted this.

Jew Media Hyping Up War With Iran Again

If the Jews want war with Iran so bad, the Israelis should be the ones declaring war.

US Sanctions Iranian Official Over Internet Censorship

This is rich considering the United States has allowed Jewish tech companies to censor all sorts of American political dissidents.

Does Matteo Salvini Read This Site?

The future Ceasar of Italy really seems to like kittens.