Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Uganda Plans Bill to Execute Gay Niggers

Finally a common sense approach in dealing with faggots.

Turkey Begins Military Campaign Against the Kurds

Oh well. Sucks for the Kurds. lol

London Police Arrest Over 300 Disruptive Climate-Hoax Cultists

Is it type to start executing these climate change hoax promoting retards?

China Suspends Broadcast of Nigger Basketball Games

China should just ban this Jew-run nigger circus organization.

Trump Announces Withdrawal From Syria

Great, but will he get bullied into reversing direction?

Over 100 Dead as Anti-Government Protests Engulf Iraq

Looks like a number of Iraqis are not enthusiastic about the ZOG democracy that's been installed.

North Korea Says Peace Talks With the US Have Failed

Not surprising considering the Zionist lunatic Mike Pompeo was in charge on the US side of the talks.

Hong Kong: CIA-Backed Terrorists Defy Mask Ban

I'm patiently waiting for the Chinese government to shoot these terrorists dead in the streets.

Paris: Moslem IT Worker Stabs Police Officers to Death

Moslems need to be banned from Europe otherwise more will die.