Trump Reportedly Calls Shithole Countries Shithole Countries

I fail to see what is so controversial about this.

Judge Blocks Trump’s Order to End DACA

How can a court block a President from revoking a previous executive order? This is completely insane.

7-Eleven Stores Inspected by Immigration Agents

Illegal aliens working at 7-Eleven stores? You don't say!

FBI Head Says Unbreakable Encryption is a Public Safety Threat

So we can't have privacy because of Moslems? Why not just remove the Moslems?

Bundy Case Dismissed

This entire situation proved once again how corrupt federal law enforcement is.

SpaceX Destroys A Satellite Worth Billions of Dollars

Elon Musk thinks its funny that his company keeps blowing shit up!

Trump Signs Executive Order Promoting Broadband in Rural Areas

Many communities across America need more choices for access to the tubes.

Trump Discusses Immigration With Bipartisan Members of Congress

Negotiations on immigration are in full swing now.

Steve Bannon Out at Breitbart

This is no surprise. Bannon brought this all on himself.

Fire Breaks Out on Top of Trump Tower

Accidents happen I guess.