Students Asked to Calculate Amount of Gas Used to Holocaust Jews

The correct answer is zero because no Jew was ever gassed in fake shower rooms by Nazis.

Bibi to Name Town in Golan Heights After Trump

Bibi wants to appeal to the ego of the orange man.

Trump Hails Subversive Jew Jared Kushner as “Extraordinarily Smart”

Yeah, I don't think this evil Jew is getting fired anytime soon.

Ukraine: Jew Comedian Elected New President

More bad news because with Jews you lose.

Jews Aggressively Push Agenda to Impeach Trump

Even though Trump did not collude with Russia, the kikes might try and impeach him any way.

Israeli Soldiers Shoot Blindfolded, Handcuffed Palestinian Teen

So much for human rights. The Jews don't believe in them.

Jews Reveal Their Insanity on Twitter After Mueller Report Drops

Trump-Russia conspiracies are all real in the minds of the Jew. Just like the Holocaust hoax.

Kike-Run Facebook Bans Moderate British Right-Wing Groups

If you don't fully agree with Jews, you will be banned from Facebook.