Friday, August 23, 2019

Kellyanne Conway Asks Jewish Reporter His Ethnicity

She's being accused of anti-Semitism for asking a Jew their ethnicity.

Israeli Politician Ehud Barak Admits Visiting Epstein’s Sex Island

The situation surrounding this Jew Epstein keeps getting more and more interesting.

Jew David Rothschild Calls Out “White Man” Jeff Epstein

The "my fellow White people" scam doesn't work any more you stupid kikes.

One of Jew Jeff Epstein’s Whores is Saying He Raped Her

This bitch is crazy and just wants attention.

Jew Michael Isikoff Claims Russia Pushed Seth Rich Conspiracy Theories

So says a kike who was at the center of promoting the Trump-Russia hoax for two years.

Bill Clinton Tries to Distance Himself From Jew Jeff Epstein

Looks like Bill is a bit nervous about this situation.

Black Principal Fired for Refusing to Accept Holocaust as Fact

Jews got him fired and that was very hateful of them.

Jews Demand Congress Make Holocaust Education Mandatory

Yes, all kids should know all know about your retarded hoax you filthy kikes.