Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Iran Says Destroying Israel an “Achievable Goal”

The Iranians have the right attitude at least.

Racist Israeli Jews Not Allowing Ethiopian Jews Aliyah

Israel is a country founded on racism and hate.

Jew ADL Identifies Bowlcut, OK Sign and Moon Man as Hate Symbols

These filthy yids just don't stop whining about shit do they?

Erodgan Delivers Great Anti-Israel Speech at the UN

He really took it to the evil Jews of Israel in this speech.

Netanyahu Says Israel is the “Good Guy”

Wow, another lie from a Jew.

Trump Had “Nice Meeting” With Jew Mark Zuckerberg

Just what the hell did he mean by "nice meeting"?

Jew Holohoaxers Wants US to Let Them Sue European Insurance Firms

This dumb Jewish hoax is the gift that keeps on giving for these filthy yids.

Jew Oxycontin Producer Purdue Files for Bankruptcy

Yeah, but is anything going to happen to the Sackler Jews who ran this horrible company?