Trump Does Not Dispute Accuracy of NYT Cartoon

He can't because it 100 percent accurately depicts his Israel First agenda.

Rabbi Claims Yahweh Jammed John Earnest’s Gun

The rabbi is claiming that his demon god has great powers.

Facebook Bans Links and References to the Daily Stormer

The Jews are going to even more extreme lengths to censor criticism of them.

Jew Synagogues Getting Shot Up is a Unique Part of Multiculturalism

This is what you kikes wanted so now you'll just have to deal with it.

NYT Apologizes for Publishing Accurate Trump-Netanyahu Cartoon

They're apologizing for publishing an accurate cartoon about Israel's control over Trump.

Canada: Jews Caught Faking Hate Crime Against Themselves

Jews are well-known for faking hate crimes against themselves.

Jew Bernie Sanders Booed by Crowd of Female Niggers

Jew Bernie is having a hard time with the nigger vote.