John Bolton Sends Carrier Strike Group Towards Iran

The Jews want to get America to fight their enemy Iran.

Jews Freak Out on Twitter After Trump Does Call With Putin

Jews keep claiming that Putin is guilty of all the shit that they actually are doing.

Alex Jones Responds to Jew Censorship With Rants About Nazis and Chinese Communists

It doesn't matter how much the Jews abuse him, he continues to misdirect from the elephant in the room.

Trump Sends Delegation to Commemorate Jew Gas Chamber Hoax

A commemoration for events that never happened.

Israel Grinds to Halt as Jews Commemorate Their Holocaust Hoax

Jews have learned to love and believe their own hoax.

FBI Arrests Someone Who Wanted to Kill Jew Ben Shapiro

People are really getting angry at these Jews.

Jew NYT Iraq War Hoaxer Judith Miller Pushes Venezuelan War

And the Jews wonder why people hate them. Shit like this explains why.