Sunday, August 25, 2019

Trump Says He Misspoke About Russian Election Meddling!

lol this is going to cause the fake news media to go even more insane.

Kike Sacha Baron Cohen’s New Show Bombs

This obnoxious kike needs to be locked up in a concentration camp.

San Francisco is a True Shithole City

There are literal zombie niggers shitting on the streets!

Tony Blair Calls for Fresh Vote on Brexit

Western democratic systems are a farce.

Ocasio-Cortez Attacks Israel in Interview

The Democrat party is becoming anti-Semitic! lol

Twitter Meltdown Occurs Over Glorious Trump-Putin Summit

These nutcases would prefer nuclear war over friendly relations with Russia.

Rude Kike Chris Wallace Interviews Vladimir Putin

An interesting interview despite the antics from the kike Wallace.

Trump-Putin Summit was a Huge Success

This could be the first step towards long lasting peace between two White Christian nations.

House Moves to Impeach Kike Rod Rosenstein

This kike needs to go one way or another.

Israeli Bill Proposes to Segregate Jews and Arabs

This is why I support opening Israel's borders. Hate must not win!