Sunday, February 17, 2019

Trannies Still Allowed to Join Military Despite Trump’s Ban

Just what in the fuck is going on here??

Trump Condemns Pakistan Alongside Iran

Apparently lecturing Pakistan is now part of the MAGA agenda.

Patriot Front Alamo Demonstration

A successful demonstration from our guys in Texas!

Iran’s President Comments on ZOG Engineered Protests

Iran responds to the Zionist aggression.

Israel Cheers on a Revolution in Iran

No surprise to see Israel officially cheer on the overthrow of the Iranian government.

Mike Cernovich Attacks Paul Nehlen For Exposing Jewish Power

Mike Cernovich is a full blown Neo-Con Zionist.

Trump Steps Up Support for Jewish Revolution in Iran

Trump's support of this is creating a very dangerous situation.

Stormer Sunday Edition Volume 19

Final edition for 2017!

Drunk Man Found With Weapons Arsenal in Houston Hotel Room

Attempted copycat of Vegas during New Year's Eve celebrations?

Florida Cop Forced to Resign Over Jew Jokes on Facebook

Thought criminals who joke about Jews can't be allowed to hold employment.