Sunday, April 21, 2019

Millennials to be the Fattest Generation Ever

We might have to send these millions upon millions of fat people to concentration camps.

Girl Jacked Up on Testosterone Wins Second Texas Wrestling Title

This tranny shit is destroying women's sports.

Trump Has Nasty Phone Call With Mexico Over Border Wall

Those beaner monkeys down south will pay for the wall one way or another.

Interest in Joining the NRA Skyrockets

The kikes have kiked themselves again.

David Hogg Defends Jew Sheriff Scott Israel While Bashing the NRA

The David Hogg experience continues! Looks like the kike-run media is going all in on this script reading chump.

Winter Olympics Receives Extremely Poor Television Ratings

I almost forgot that the Olympics were even happening.

Kike Feinstein Getting Kiked by Brown Spic Monkey

The kike is getting kiked by diversity!

Israelis Demanding Bibi Resign From Office

Protests against Bibi are getting bigger.

UN Security Council Adopts 30-Day Ceasefire Across Syria

The Syrians with Russian and Iranian help have been bombing the shit out of a terrorist enclave to the east of Damascus.