Sunday, February 17, 2019
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Sargon of Akkad Has Been Banned from Patreon

The kikes are shutting everything down.

The Weekly Standard Officially Shuts Down

Good riddance to this Jewish neocon rag.

7,000 Troops Could be Withdrawn from Afghanistan

Bring them home Mr. President!

Trump Threatens to Close Southern Border if Wall Not Funded

Whatever it takes to get the wall built.

NYC Mayor Announces Free Healthcare for Illegal Aliens

Illegal aliens are more important than Americans according to this asshole.

Military Deployment to Southern Border Extended

Keep them down there until the wall is built.

Fox News Airs Graphic Suggesting That Ruth Bader Ginsburg Had Died

WTF is going on with this evil kike any way?

Trump Insists Wall Will be Built

Call me skeptical.

Cory Booker Announces 2020 Run for President

It's hard to see this campaign going very far.