Tuesday, September 24, 2019
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Shithole Woman Enslaved 33 Shitholers in Her Basement

Now this is what I call enrichment.

Ilhan Omar on 9/11: “Some People Did Something”

People are really mad at this.

Trump Says He’s Going to Dump Illegal Aliens in Sanctuary Cities

What a fucking circus this whole thing is.

Happy Easter to Everyone!

Out of all the Christian holidays, the Jews seem to hate this one the most.

Over 30 Venezuelan Boat Migrants Drown in Ocean

This is the result of America's retarded neocon foreign policy.

Tucker Carlson Questions Venezuela Invasion Agenda

He seems to be the only person in the mainstream media questioning this madness.

Laura Loomer Says Her Life is Ruined Because of Social Media Bans

Serves her right. She conspired to get people banned off of Discord a few years ago.

TIME Magazine Columnist Publishes Fake Donald Trump Quote

You can't expect to get truth from journalists these days.