Sunday, April 21, 2019
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Jews Demanding Emma Gonzalez Meme Be Shut Down!

The meme shows her ripping up the United States Constitution!

Facebook Says All Users Have Had Their Data Compromised

This is what happens when you trust your data to a company run by Jews.

Monkey Woman Terrorizes WAWA Store Over Sandwich Order

Blacks truly enrich our society.

Germany: Hateful Islamophobic Jews Protest Moslems

What the fuck kikes? What's with this Islamophobia?

New York’s Jew Attorney General Accused of Beating Women

One of the biggest supporters of the #MeToo movement is about to be consumed by it.

John Bolton Attempts to Sabotage Summit with North Korea

This crazy asshole just wants endless war.

Jew Judge Says Trump Can’t Block Users on Twitter

This is quite the reinterpretation of the First Amendment.

Starbucks Growth Slows as They Turn Stores into Homeless Shelters

Just wait until Starbucks coffee stores become full blown homeless shelters!

Han Solo Star Wars Film to Lose Over $50 Million

Perhaps they shouldn't have made the movie so Jewish.