Thursday, June 27, 2019
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DOJ Kike Rosenstein Claims No Reason to Fire Mueller

This Jew weasel along with Mueller both need to be fired.

North Korea Blamed for WannaCry Attack

This looks like a convenient misdirection of blame.

Vice Media Gets #MeTooed

The only solution is to promote and hire women to replace men.

Trump Pushes For Overthrow of the Iranian Government

Overthrowing Iran's government puts Israel first, not America first.

AfD Politician Banned From Social Media for Anti-Moslem Post

Free speech does not exist in Germany.

Sargon the Afraid

Sargon was utterly destroyed in this new Murdoch Murdoch episode.

Kike Kurt Eichenwald Accuses Fox News of Anti-Semitic Conspiracy

This insane kike has gone even more insane!

Cape Town, South Africa Set to Run Out of Water

The South African city surrounded by water is going to run out of water.

Rocky Dennis Delivers Official Democrat SOTU Response

A rabid looking Rocky Dennis delivered the Democrat response to Trump!