Tuesday, September 24, 2019
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Rambo Creator Said Last Blood Dehumanized Him

Guess I might have to watch it then.

Dems Call to Impeach Trump Over Weird Ukraine-Biden Bullshit

Do they actually think this is good politics?

Zionist-Nut Mike Pompeo Says Iranians are “Bloodthirsty”

This just means we have to invade Iran so Jesus will return to earth in a flying saucer.

“Storm Area 51” Event a Big Bust

Guess we'll have to wait a little longer for the secretive UFO/alien conspiracy to be exposed.

Iran Asks West to Leave Persian Gulf

Well, at least they asked.

Hong Kong Rioters Burn Chinese Flag and Ransack Mall

How are these people different than anti-fascists?

Trump Orders More Troops to Saudi Arabia

It is the United States sworn duty to defend Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Netanyahu Says Israel is the “Good Guy”

Wow, another lie from a Jew.