Thursday, June 27, 2019
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Trump to Hold Pointless Social Media Summit

This is a joke. The time for talk has long passed. We need action against these tech companies.

Reddit Quarantines r//The_Donald

We weren't lying when we said that everything was going to get shut down.

Father and Daughter Invaders Drown in Rio Grande River

I guess we are supposed to feel sad about this?

Trump Threatens Iran With Obliteration

This is definitely not encouraging.

San Francisco Bans Vaping Products

The people who run San Francisco are brain damaged individuals.

Facebook Agrees to Give “Hate Speech” Data to French Courts

They're helping police thought criminals on the Internet.

Smollett Googled Himself Over 50 Times After Hoax Attack

New information released by police further illustrate how retarded this hoax was.

Russia Navy Vessel Docks in Cuba

This is no doubt in response to America's aggressive foreign policy approach towards Iran.

Google Has Plan to Prevent “Trump Situation” in 2020

Just more proof further exposing what we already know about this evil company.