Monday, April 22, 2019
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Trump Incites War Against Iran With New Oil Sanctions

He's making Israel great again!

Happy Easter to Everyone!

Out of all the Christian holidays, the Jews seem to hate this one the most.

Israeli Soldiers Shoot Blindfolded, Handcuffed Palestinian Teen

So much for human rights. The Jews don't believe in them.

France: “Yellow Vest” Protesters Tell Police to Kill Themselves

I agree with them. These badge niggers are supporting a corrupt ZOG regime that hates the people.

Blarmf Refuses to Move On From the Russia Hoax

So are we still going to be talking about this dumb Russia hoax for the next two years? This is getting tiresome.

Prince Harry and His Nigger Wife are Moving to Africa

Harry's nigger wife Meghan Markle sure wore out her welcome quick!

Mexico Has “Deep Concern” About Boomer Militia Group on Border

Mexico can't have boomers with guns stopping illegal aliens from entering the United States.

Mitt Romney Goes Nuts Over Mueller Report

What a miserable douche bag.

Sri Lanka: Over 200 Dead in Easter Islamic Terror Attack

The religion of peace strikes again.

FBI Arrests Leader of Boomer Militia Stopping Illegal Aliens

They just dug up some random unrelated bullshit to charge him with.