Friday, April 19, 2019

Israeli Video Bashing Poland’s Holohoax Law Gets 10,000 Dislikes

People are sick of these Jews whining about events that never happened.

Rite Aid Facility Shot Up by Androgynous Female Ape

We have not heard much about this story because the shooter was a nigger.

German Police Investigate British Woman for Holohoax Denial

If shower room gas chambers were real, why is it illegal to question them?

Tim Cook Paid Over $100 Million for Destroying Apple

This faggot is one of the most overpaid people in America.

Trump asks Europe to Take Their ISIS Fighters

Europe has a real Moslem problem.

Ocasio-Cortez Complains About Being Mistaken for an Intern

It's going to be a hilarious two years with her in Congress.

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Thank you to everyone who reads the site. I wanted to wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas!

Comey’s Memos Detailing Interactions with Trump Made Public

The memos undermine this narrative that Trump obstructed justice but strengthen the need to arrest Comey for leaking classified information.

Reports Suggesting Trump to Withdraw from Afghanistan

This would be excellent news if he goes through with it.

Israel Paying Citizens to Help Deport Illegal Aliens

This same program should be implemented in all White countries.