Friday, February 22, 2019

President Trump Walks Out of Meeting with Chuck and Nancy

The Democrat Party hates America.

US Blocks UN Call For Investigation Into Israeli Killings in Gaza

The United States should be condemning Israel. They are not a friend and the entire world hates these kikes.

Turkey Sends Military Reinforcements into Northern Syria

Looks like this move was already coordinated between the United States and Turkey.

Angry Kike Bitch Arrested for Throwing Milk at Republicans

She was mad that Nazis were shooting her people.

The FBI’s Failure to Stop Orlando Nightclub Shooting Exposed

The FBI is a joke organization deserving of no respect.

Child Raping Satanist John Podesta Gloats at Roger Stone’s Arrest

This man is an evil child raping satanist.

FBI Coordinated Media Leaks to Harm Trump

The anti-Trump conspiracy continues to be exposed.

Zionist Traitor John McCain Opts to End Cancer Treatment

He will be dead and in hell soon.

Brazil’s “Trump” Candidate Stabbed by Subhuman Ape

Another example of political violence from the Communist left.

Brazil: Trial Run for Right-Wing Death Squads

This is exactly what Brazil needs to maintain order.