Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Supreme Court Rules ICE can Detain Alien Criminals Indefinitely

A minor victory but a victory none the less.

Myanmar: Subversive “Journalists” Sent to Jail for Seven Years

They were interfering with the government's plan to death march 700,000 Moslem terrorists into a swamp.

Kanye West Rants About Social Media “Mind Control”

The dude is woke as fuck. I hope he gets to the point where he starts calling out Jews.

Jews Claim Criticism of Soros and Globalists is Anti-Semitism

And this is why people have hated the Jews since ancient times.

ZOG Cop Filmed Executing White Man Begging For His Life is Set Free

This ZOG cop murdering cunt deserves a painful death for what he did.

Steve King Under Vicious Attack by Vile Jews

The Jews are trying to get him removed from Congress.

Armada of American Warships Heading Toward the Middle East

Hopefully they are on their way to destroy Israel for their human rights violations.

Canada: Video Proves Jews Faked Hate Crime Against Themselves

What a bunch of filthy vermin these yids are.

Chicago: 52 Shot Over the Weekend

Chicago has a nigger problem not a gun problem.