Thursday, June 27, 2019

Special Prosecutor Appointed to Investigate Smollett Hoax

Hopefully this half-Jew, half nigger faggot is held accountable.

Third of Women Admit Using Men for Free Meals

Parasitical female nature on full display.

House Held Hearing on Slavery Reparations

Just a bunch of niggers whining about how they deserve free shit.

Joe Biden Called a Racist for Working With Segregationists

Biden is going to get continually shredded by the Marxist wing of the Democrat Party.

Texas is Being Overrun with Beaner Filth

Texas is turning into Mexico.

Iran Shoots Down an American UAV

This is not good at all.

Man Jailed for Sharing Video of Brenton Tarrant’s Mosque Visit

And they say New Zealand is a free country. lol

Pentagon Claims New Pictures Prove Iran Attacked Oil Tankers

Fuck off with this shit. This is retarded.