Sunday, February 17, 2019

Trump Attacks Ilhan Omar for Saying AIPAC Lobby Exists

The American government is completely run by Jews.

Senate Intel Committee Finds No Trump-Russia Collusion

We said it was a hoax from the start!

Female F-16 Viper Commander Relieved of Command After Two Weeks

She could not handle the empowerment.

Brown MAGA Guy Attacks Media at Trump’s El Paso Rally

It appears as if this individual has a big problem with the mainstream kike media.

Beto O’Rourke Says “Walls End Lives”

This guy is insane and belongs in a mental hospital.

Pocahontas Says Trump “May Not Be a Free Person” By 2020

So says the empowered fake injun woman.

Iran Promises to Destroy Israeli Cities if Attacked by America

If that's a promise, than maybe invading Iran isn't such a bad idea.

“Juden” Sprayed on Window of Jewish Bagel Shop in Paris

The Jewish bagel shop was called "Bagelstein" lol.