Monday, April 22, 2019

People Want Lying “Journalists” to Die

These "journalists" definitely deserve to die.

San Francisco’s Street Poop At All-Time High Levels

San Francisco is a literal shithole.

Homeless Start to Takeover San Francisco’s Airport

San Francisco is such a fucked up place.

Kike-Run Facebook Bans Moderate British Right-Wing Groups

If you don't fully agree with Jews, you will be banned from Facebook.

Man Arrested for Taking Gas Cans Into St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Looks like we were dealing with an insane person here.

Full Text of Mueller Report Finally Released

The Trump-Russia hoax should be totally dead but some people won't let it die.

Ecuador Sends Riot Police to Crush Pro-Assange Rally

The President of Ecuador is a ZOG puppet.

DC Synagogue Sued For Sexually Abusing Preschoolers

Looks like a case of Jew on Jew child sex abuse which is a unique part of Jewish culture.

Chase Bank Refusing to do Business With “Alt-Right”

Soon, you won't be able to have a bank account if you engage in wrongthink.