Sunday, February 17, 2019

Jew-Nig Homo Jussie Smollet Reportedly Hoaxed MAGA Attack

Looks like this hoax is unraveling on this nig-kike homo.

Trump Does Press Conference Announcing National Emergency

We'll just have to see how it plays out.

New Omnibus Funding Bill is a Total Disaster

Don't sign this shit Trump! It's a trap! Veto it!

Mike Pence Says Iran Plotting to Holocaust Jews

And how would this be a bad thing Mr. Vice President?

Billions Wasted on High Speed Train Project in California

And the Democrats want to replace all air travel with these types of train systems. Good luck with that!

McCabe Admits Justice Department Tried to Remove Trump From Office

This McCabe asshole needs to be arrested for conspiring against America.

Trump to Declare National Emergency to Build Border Wall

Good job Mr. President! We salute you!

LOL: Ilhan Omar Attacks Neocon Kike Elliott Abrams

The old Jew was none to happy about this.

Jew Jacob Wohl Condemns Ilhan Omar for Agreeing With Him

Even if you agree with a kike they will still try and destroy you.