Monday, April 22, 2019

Happy 130th Birthday to Adolf Hitler

He was a great man who stood against the international Jew menace.

Ebola Doctor Shot Dead in Congo

We need to let as many Africans die of Ebola as possible.

Heroic Teens Arrested for Killing Fat Dyke BuzzFeed Reporter

I am very happy to learn that this fat dyke has died.

Boomer Militia Detains 300 Illegal Aliens at Gunpoint

They get an "A" for effort at least. Too bad the Border Patrol will just release them into the country.

“Yellow Vests” Rage Over Billions Pledged to Notre Dame Reconstruction

These protests have been going on for a long time now.

Jews Reveal Their Insanity on Twitter After Mueller Report Drops

Trump-Russia conspiracies are all real in the minds of the Jew. Just like the Holocaust hoax.

Tucker: Russia Hoax Sabotaged Trump’s Presidency

The Russia hoax succeeded in many ways.

France: Video Shows Evidence of Arson at Notre Dame Cathedral

It would not be a surprise if a Moslem did this. They seem quite happy that this building was set on fire.