President Blormf is getting more and more ridiculous as each day goes by. One of the big issues of the modern day era are these large tech companies censoring and banning people for their political views. Blormf has said he’d look into this issue but has not done a single substantive thing about it.

Today he met with Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai and he said that they discussed “political fairness” and confirmed that he was not working for China.

That’s great, so basically what this means is that Blormf isn’t going to force Google to do anything. Pichai has no interest in fixing the censorship issues with Google. He was put in this position by Jews to continue these practices. He’s only going to change their practices if the government forces them to change.

But that’s great that Blormf confirmed that Pichai is not a Chinese agent. Pichai looks more American than George Washington so I do not doubt his loyalty to this country.