The first television ratings are in after Bob Mueller’s report exonerated Donald Trump of being a Russian agent. Not that this is a surprise, but the ratings for both CNN and MSNBC shows saw huge ratings declines. Fox News saw a ratings boost.

American Thinker:

The long awaited news on Sunday that the Mueller Report had exonerated President Trump of collusion with Russia instantly shed major new light on the complicity of the mainstream media in perpetrating the mass delusion of collusion. The news also had an immediate and potentially game-changing impact on the cable news television ratings.

Starting on Sunday and continuing all day Monday, CNN and MSNBC — the two cable “news” channels that over the past two years have morphed into high-impact electronic facilitators of the anti-Trump resistance — saw their ratings plummet…precipitously. Meanwhile, the Fox News Channel (FNC), the only mainstream media outlet to even question the whole collusion meme from the outset, trounced the competition. On Monday, Fox News had more than twice as many viewers — in both total numbers and in the preferred 25- to 54-year-old demographic — than MSNBC and CNN combined. According to Nielsen Media Research, FNC surpassed CNN and MSNBC combined in every hour on Monday from 5 P.M. to 12 midnight, while CNN had its second lowest weekday prime-time ratings of 2019 and its third lowest demo of the year.

The idiotic homosexual Jewess Rachel Maddow who was one of the top promoters of this hoax saw a decline of 500,000 viewers.

What CNN and MSNBC did over the past two years was the equivalent of claiming the world was going to end on a certain day and getting the prediction wrong. They took advantage of all the Trump-haters misery and fed them an endless stream of bullshit. They kept them on edge the whole time thinking that Trump was going to be hauled out of the White House in handcuffs at any moment.

Trump rightfully gloated about the media’s failures today.

It’s hard to see how any of these fools can maintain their credibility after this, but when you are someone like Maddow who based your entire show around this goofy conspiracy theory, you just make up new conspiracy theories to feed your audience.

At this point, the people who still watch her show for anything but personal amusement are dumber than dog shit. Same goes for all the other nonsense you see on CNN and MSNBC. They are two Jew-run shithole networks.