Motel 6 spokesman Tom Bodett confirmed that the hotel chain doesn’t leave the light on for filthy wetback spics who have invaded America.

Washington State is suing Motel 6 because they cooperated with federal immigration authorities. They’re claiming that Motel 6 violated the privacy rights of their customers for giving them guest information.

This is political grandstanding by the State Attorney General.


Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson has sued Motel 6, charging the company with sharing its guest lists with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. He says the company violated privacy rights and discriminated against thousands of Washingtonians.

The motel company voluntarily gave the guest lists to ICE on a routine basis for at least two years, according to Ferguson. Each time Motel 6 released a guest list, it included the name and private information of every guest at the hotel, the lawsuit says.

Personal information released included customers’ driver’s license numbers, room numbers, names, guest identification numbers, dates of birth and license plate numbers, according to the lawsuit.

Is it not interesting that the only time we see any government agency raise concerns about people’s privacy is when it involves a hotel helping get illegals deported? They couldn’t give a shit about anyone’s privacy. This is just an excuse to go after a company that was helping get illegals deported.

Apparently Washington State law prohibits hotels from turning over guest lists without a court order. That’s where this whole thing stems from.

It’s a ridiculous lawsuit but we shouldn’t expect anything less from the Communists over on the West Coast. They seem hell bent on turning that part of the country into the biggest third world shit hole possible.