It has been difficult to watch Steve Bannon’s on-going political implosion.

Steve Bannon’s political brand is imploding. One could even say that it has become toxic as a result of all the news that’s come out. This is just an objective fact.

This is greatly disappointing because his political strategy of electing populist candidates had promise. Besides vote fraud, the main reason Roy Moore lost is because he was sabotaged by the Republican establishment. It had little to do with Bannon’s endorsement.

But now he’s alienated so many people, any such strategy associated with him has far less chance of success. His statement about Donald Trump Jr. engaging in treason because of the Russia kook hoax is insane. It also looks like this was a legitimate quote otherwise we probably would have seen him deny it by now.

Populist candidates are also going to be more likely to distance themselves from him. They are almost in a position where they have to choose between Bannon or Trump. And we all know that they’re going to choose Trump if given the choice.

Making matters worse for Bannon is this denouncement from Paul Nehlen.

Just a little while ago, Bannon condemned Nehlen for going 1488 on his Twitter feed. Now we see that the shoe is on the other foot.

It also looks like he’s lost the financial backing of the billionaire Mercer family and he might even be on the way out of Breitbart.

The faggot kike Matt Drudge is reporting that Bannon has found a billionaire Asian to back him but that is so far unconfirmed.

Suffice to say, Bannon is in political no man’s land now. He’s somehow managed to alienate huge political blocks that were previously supportive of his politics.

What’s even crazier is that there have been rumors that Bannon might try to run for President in 2020. If he is actually considering a presidential run, than I would say that Trump’s assessment of him having lost his mind is probably accurate.