The digital assistants Alexa and Siri are being labeled “sexist” by a new report from the United Nations. All because they have subservient female voices.


Default feminine voices used in AI assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri promote gender stereotypes of female subservience, a new UN report has claimed, prompting the internet to ask the question: “Can you harass code?”

The report, released Wednesday by the UN’s cultural and scientific body UNESCO, found that the majority of AI assistant products – from how they sound to their names and personalities –were designed to be seen as feminine. They were also designed to respond politely to sexual or gendered insults from users, which the report said lead to the normalization of sexual harassment and gender bias.

Who the hell even thinks up shit like this? This is total clown world bullshit. It’s like they specifically find crazy people to think up the dumbest and most insane shit possible to claim some form of victimization is taking place.

This story could have easily run in a satirical publication like The Onion and nobody would have questioned it. Yet, here we have this idea being presented as a serious thing. It’s utterly ridiculous.

Seriously though, women can fuck off with all this victimization bullshit. It’s never been easier to be a woman in all of human history and all we hear about is the alleged patriarchy and how they’re being victimized by trivial bullshit. And if women feel that they are victimized because of how a digital assistant’s voice sounds, this just proves that they are frail creatures and not equal to men.

Clearly, feminism is out of control and destroying our entire society. This story is just more proof of it. I can only imagine what nonsense they’ll come up with next. It literally never ends.